AI assisted contract review

Join innovative businesses and law firms, using Della to speed up their contract review process. 

How Della helps

From simple commercial contracts to a large number of legal agreements to review for business or regulatory reasons, Della can help. Our AI answers questions about your contracts. Della verifies contracts against your own checklists. Della assists with:

Due Diligence

Speed up contract review and detect potential red flags

Audit and compliance

Check agreements using your own internal policy checklists 

Lease abstraction

Leases or contracts abstraction

Summarise key terms of any agreements automatically 



Della can already analyse contracts in most European languages, including German, Dutch, French & English.



Create you own checklist to reduce oversights or use on of the 20 checklists we provide


Cost saving

Increase your team efficiency, reduce your spent or increase your recovery rate 

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What our customers say

We always strive for elaborate results and do our best to meet our customers’ needs.

Law Firm
This is an AI that feel Intelligent. Using Della greatly increased our ability to compete on price on due diligence.
Corporate partner
SSB Partners
Legal department
Helping us keep track of the important points in our agreement both in French and in English with ease.
Office Depot
Law Firm
Della is learning quickly to analyse the document the way we want, and save us time during audit. This is clearly the future.

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Moving from patterns to meaning…

Cutting-edge AI from patterns to meaning

Della is trained to understand legal grammar & semantics, allowing you to tailor our technology to your needs. We use multiple state-of-the-art ML techniques to organize, analyse and review your contracts automatically.

About us

Easy contracts and faster business decisions with AI

We help legal professionals, to review contract faster and to easily analyse a large volume of documents, so that they can make faster business decisions and avoid common contractual issues.

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